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Hampton Hotel

"Vanilla" is an exclusive and luxurious boutique nightclub operating a strict door policy.

 Dublin’s newest boutique nightclub has opened...

As part of the third trendiest hotel in Europe and with almost 1.5 million euro in renovation, the boutique Vanilla Nightclub is second to none.

With its modern design, Vanilla Nightclub boasts two grand bars providing all the classics plus luxury liquors and cocktails. In complementary contrast to the simplicity of the decor is the state of the art sound system. As you walk away from the dance floor the sound attenuates allowing you to chat in comfort.

You can also choose to tailor your tunes in one of our luxury suites equipped with a private bar. One can enjoy light entertainment at the hotel bar before making a night of it in Vanilla.
Call us today on: 087 4174877 or contact us by Email: here

Open every Friday and Saturday from 11pm.

Trip Advisor Award

hampton hotel Dublin has won the 2010 Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Award as (3rd Trendiest Hotel in Europe) The seventh trendiest in the World.